• Section 1. Cognitive robotics.
  • Section 2. Applications of Intelligent Measurement and Diagnostic Systems
  • Section 3. Innovative technologies in radiophysics, microwave and semiconductor electronics.
  • Section 4. Practical application of cognitive technologies in robotics; design of robotic systems;
  • Section 5. Systems of robotic complexes (RTK) of ground, air and underwater basing, group control of robots;
  • Section 6. Psychoemotional and socio-humanitarian aspects in robotics;
  • Section 7. Algorithms and mathematical models of high-speed image processing and analysis systems;
  • Section 8. Educational robotics.



  • cognitive robotics problems;
  • problems of the development and use of modern sensors to obtain reliable data about the measurement object;
  • development and application of measuring instruments and systems based on intelligent sensors;
  • development and application of intelligent information systems in medicine;
  • Intelligent reconfigurable control systems, navigation and image processing for autonomous mobile robots;
  • algorithms and mathematical models of high-speed image processing and analysis systems; development and application of radio-vision systems, industrial and computer tomography;
  • problems of training specialists for modern enterprises that use robotics, high-tech systems for collecting and processing information;
  • psycho-emotional and socio-humanitarian problems.  


The conference will host a competition of reports among young scientists and an exhibition of scientific and technological achievements.