Details for paying the registration fee through an ATM:

UFK recipient in the Tomsk region (TSU) l / s 30656SCH45330 
TIN 7018012970 
Gearbox 701701001 
Settlement account 40501810550042004500 
BIC 046902001 
Bank name Branch Tomsk Tomsk   
OKATO 69401000000 
OKTMO 69701000 

Information about the payer Full name (And the short name of the conference is also required here! For example, K.V. Ivanov. Innovatika FIT) . The amount of the registration fee is 500 rubles.

You are kindly requested to send all payment receipts to the specified e-mail or via the sending form.

Download payment receipt

An alternative payment method for individuals only. To conclude an agreement and pay the bill, please contact the secretary of the conference.

Payment of the registration fee (full-time and absentee participation) - 500 rubles

The payment system fee is included in the price

УMoney      Bank card

* Payment is made via secure HTTPS protocol using Yandex.Checkout payment service