Address: 634050, Russia, Tomsk, Lenin ave., 36/3, Tomsk State University, Faculty of Innovative Technologies



Finished his studies in the Technological institute of Monterrey Santa Fe Campus on the year 2015 with a degree in Audio Engineering. From 2018 to 2020 he completed the master program at Tomsk State University with a specialization on Information Systems and Technologies. In 2020 defended his Master degree dissertation on the topic: Algorithms for Detecting Unmanned Aerial Vehicles by Audio Signatures.


Publication list:

  1. Edgar S. R., Possibilities for Audio Analysis With Neural Networks, XV international Innovatika Conference, 2019, National Research Tomsk State University.
  2. Romeu E.S., Syryamkin V.I., Possibilities for Applied Joint Speech Processing and Computer Vision Systems, 2018, IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering. National Research Tomsk State University.
  3. Edgar Solis Romeu, Shashev Dmitry, Drone Audio Signature Detection Using Machine Learning, 2019, III International forum Intelligent Systems of the 4th Industrial Revolution, National Research Tomsk State University.
  4. Solis Romeu Edgar, Shashev Dmitry Vadimovich, Comparison of Drone Recognition Methods, XVI International Innovatika Conference, 2020, National Research Tomsk State University.