The conference "Methods and Technologies for Remote Sensing of Media and Objects" is devoted to fundamental and applied problems of developing modern means of non-destructive radio wave, electromagnetic and acoustic sounding of natural and artificial media, including biological media, based on the integrated use of analog and digital technologies. The aim of this conference is to create an interdisciplinary platform for the active interaction of various specialists in the field of methods and technologies for sensing media, image processing, focusing and tomography methods in the geolocation of heterogeneities of artificial and natural origin, probing complex media, mapping engineering communications, technologies for diagnosing biological media and creating approaches for early diagnosis of pathologies based on radiation that is harmless to humans, the creation of sensors , sensors and devices used for remote sensing of media and objects, for the development of existing areas in the claimed subject areas, the creation of new scientific ideas and the expansion of the possibility of practical application of scientific results.

Conference Schedule


Registration of participants

Hall of the Scientific Library

Forum opening

Big Hall of the TSU Science Library


Poster presentations

Small Hall of the TSU Scientific Library

Dates: 26-27 November 2019 г.

Unlil 18 November 2019 – acceptance of applications.

Location:Tomsk, Tomsk State University.

Conference Secretary: Denis N. Kuznetsov.E-mail: , tel. +79069508727

Registration fee

The registration fee for each participant in the conference is 2000 rubles. (students 500 rub.) if paid before November 10. After November 10, the payment of the registration fee is 3000 rubles. Registration fee includes : program and abstract of the conference, participation in sections, tea and coffee during breaks of sections. A receipt and payment of the registration fee will be sent after the acceptance of the reports.


The rules for abstracts and intellectual property are presented on the conference website.

Based on the results of the conference, the best reports will be published in Scopus magazine.

The preliminary cost of publication is 7,000 rubles for those who paid the registration fee.

Language of publication: English.

You can also make your own reservation by phone: +7 (3822) – 526-660,

Sputnik Hotel is located in the center of Tomsk. Tomsk State University (conference venue) is a 10-minute walk away.

Address:Tomsk, st. Belinsky, 15