Congratulations to Konobolotskaya Alexander with a victory in the All-Russian competition for the best course work "Technical Control and Product Quality Assurance" held in South-West State University (Kursk) in the nominations "Realization of risk-oriented approach."

The topic of work is “Drawing up cash risks in educational activities” Olga Vladimirovna Vusovich, associate professor at the Department of Innovation Management. The All-Russian Competition for the best course work (project) was held at South-West State University. Kursk.

Competitive selection is term paper (draft)

  • metrology, metrological support, technical control and product testing (including design and accreditation of testing laboratories (centers), standardization and certification of raw materials and finished products);
  • product quality management.

Criteria for evaluation

  • relevance;
  • originality of ideas;
  • reasonably and intelligently fully, logically accurate, literary, competently express their ideas;
  • use of modern methods of research problems and justification solutions;
  • the use of software for designing, modeling and performing technical calculations;
  • possibility of practical application.