Methodological guidelines for designing Graduation papers (theses), Research papers, and Reports on practical experience.

These guidelines describe common requirements for the structure and design of graduation papers (thesis), students’ research papers, and reports on practical experience at the Faculty of Innovative Technologies of National Research Tomsk State University.

Guidelines were developed based on GOST 7.32-2017 dated July 01, 2018.

The author of the written paper is responsible for the compliance of his/her paper with the requirements described in the guidelines.

Any written paper drawn up in accordance with all the GOST requirements and the rules specified in this document, will demonstrate your attentiveness and responsible attitude to work, which will be highly appreciated by teachers, scientific advisors, or members of the state examination committee.

This document corresponds to all the requirements for written papers at the Faculty of Innovative Technologies of the National Research Tomsk State University and can be used as an etalon.

It is impossible to describe all the options for presenting the text. Therefore, if these guidelines do not contain recommendations for the design of a particular element of your written paper, you can design it as you think is appropriate. In this case, please, remember that this element should be designed identically throughout your work.

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