National Research Tomsk State University

Faculty of Innovative Technologies


Entrance examination

for Master’s Degree Program

“Information systems and technologies” (09.04.02)

Information systems in science and professional equipment engineering

  1. Global networks (types of networks, types of services). The Internet.
  2. Information and communication technologies for general use.
  3. Classification of operating systems.
  4. The concept of information security. Security models and their application.
  5. Local area networks (LAN): features, topologies and methods for LAN access.
  6. Modular programming.
  7. UNIX Operating systems.
  8. Basic mechanisms for computer system control.
  9. Basic concepts of the database. Database control systems.
  10. Basic concepts, terminology and classification of information technology.
  11. Basic programming styles.
  12.  Basic construction principles of computer systems.
  13. Network equipment. Fundamentals of discrete data transfer in computer networks.
  14.  Technologies of information system design.
  15. Characteristics of modern operating systems.
  16. Storage and processing of numerical and text information.
  17. The language of SQL queries.



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